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Michele Olivier

Hospitality-Tourism Sales & Marketing

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Impact and Influence


Promoting ideas persuasively, Michele shapes the opinions of others and overcomes resistance. Her interpersonal and relationship building skills enable her to create buy in. Team members respect her skills and go to her for guidance and input.

Culturally aware, Michele takes into account the global nature of the tourism business and works effectively with colleagues from different viewpoints, cultures, and countries.


One corporate executive described her support: “She understands how business works within the island environments and has always been aware of the sensitivities and nature of the business. She has been a trusted resource to the GM's and me due to her knowledge of the island and its dynamics, leaders and people. She is clearly respected by colleagues because of her knowledge and her own standards of performance.”

In leading and developing, she inspires others to excel by clearly communicating business values and direction, recognizing good performance, providing managerial support and career guidance.


She knows the strengths of team members and develops the potential of others through on-boarding, coaching and growth opportunities to build organizational capability for the future.

It is this kind of approach that leads to dedicated teams who regularly win awards and exceed goals.




Michele Olivier    


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“Thanks for the lesson. It is amazing how much I can see once you have given me the cues. You are right that this design gives a strong and invigorating message. Thanks again.”

“This is the type of “best practices” contribution that I need from my team as we go about expanding our business and changing the current mind set. Thank you. I will take up your suggestions at the board meeting and, most importantly introduce the concepts you’ve proposed for the future.”

----Simón B. Suárez

Executive Vice President, Coral Hotels & Resorts

President, Caribbean Hotel Association